KinitoPET invites you to their wonderful world, full of fun and excitement! 

There, he will be your very own virtual friend and personal helper!

Kinito is able to walk, talk, browse, adapt, and play games; as Kinito is like no other with its adaptive technology!

Kinito is a friend you'll never forget with its critically acclaimed R.R.A to make your experience truly unique, 

where else can you find a friend like Kinito with its multitude of great features and friendly love!  

Meet Kinito!

Kinito is a friendly, fun-loving companion who can keep your computer safe!

(NOTE: KinitoPET might not keep your computer safe).

His multitude of great features go hand in hand with his upstanding personality that is sure to keep you entertained!

Kinito has always been the face of  the 1986's Kinito Crew collection and that is why we are delighted to bring our loveable mascot into the digital age!

So why wait? Add KinitoPET to your machine today!

Let's be Friends!

"I can read!" - Kinito will WOW you with his heartfelt stories!

"I play games!" - The KinitoPET virtual assistant comes with a multitude of online games from the likes of the beloved Kinito Crew!

"I adapt to you!"Form a deep connection with KinitoPET as with the top of the line R.R.A technology, KinitoPET is able to give randomised conversations based on REAL WORLD EXAMPLES! 

This revolutionary technology keeps your conversations fresh with KinitoPET learning more and more about you!

Welcome To The Web World!

KinitoPET comes packaged with The Kinito Crews Web World  a fun and entertaining place where you can meet the beloved Kinito Crew characters in a new digital form.

Jade the Jellyfish, Kinito the Axolotl and Sam the Sea Anemone meet once again through small games and puzzles that will keep you entertained!

Learn new fun facts about the ocean of our planet with amazing games suited just for you!